Wednesday, July 30, 2008


intraday calls,
markets open gap up and may be short coveing rally in view +ve world markets ,crude cooling and F &O expiry.

so trade smartly,

buy GSS America buy 272 T1- 280 T2- 295 T3- UPPER CKT SL-265

SUNIIL HITECH BUY 189 T1-194 T2- 198 T3 - UC SL-185

BHAGWATI BANQUETS BUY 64 T1-66 T2 - 68 T3 72 SL-62

HIT CALL---LANCO INFRA BUY 320 T1--330 T2--335 T3--345
SL --305

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walt Disney buys video rights of 'Taare Zameen Par'

Mumbai, July 23 : Walt Disney Studios has bought the Home Video rights of Bollywood star Aamir Khan's directorial debut "Taare Zameen Par" for release in the US.

The deal is estimated to be worth Rs.50 million but Aamir Khan's production office refused to corroborate it.

This is for the first time that any Hollywood distribution company has bought the Home Video rights of an Indian movie to be released in the mainstream market overseas. Disney will release the DVD with English sub-titles.

The movie was jointly produced by Aamir Khan Productions and PVR Pictures.

"The film has had a successful theatrical run in the US. Being a poignant film based on an universally relevant theme, it should do well in the overseas home video circuits as well," said a PVR official in Mumbai.

Starring Darsheel Safary as the protagonist, the movie is about an eight-year-old dyslexia boy and how a teacher, played by Aamir, brings him out of this predicament.

Besides Aamir and Darsheel, it also stars Tisca Chopra and Vipin Sharma.

In India, "Taare Zameen Par" DVD will be brought out by T-Series.

--- IANS

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Bollywood films confined to TV sets in Israel'

Zafri Mudasser Nofil, New Delhi, Jul 15: Bollywood films once quite popular in Israel when cinema halls were there are now, with the coming up of multiplexes, confined mostly to the television sets, a leading filmmaker of that country has said.

"Bollywood films are not shown in multiplexes nowadays. People can see them only on cable television now," says Eran Riklis, whose films 'Lemon Tree' and 'Syrian Bride' are being shown at the ongoing Osian's Cinefan festival here.

He said the number of conventional cinema halls is on the decline in Israel.

"A number of multiplexes have come up with all the facilities," Riklis, who grew up in the US, learnt cinema in the UK and worked in Israel, told PTI.

He says Israeli cinema is growing in a big way. "Many good things are happening in Israeli cinema." "Government-wise, it is not difficult to make a film in Israel. All my films had government support," he says.

According to him, showing films in another country is always a challenge but the response in India has been amazing.

"I like to make films that are universal. I come from a democratic notion of film making," he says.

Both 'Lemon Tree' and 'Syrian Bride' talk about borders and deal with highly emotional, physical as well as mental situations.

"'Lemon Tree' was based on an idea I got from the Internet. The story was there. The metaphor was there. I even did not do much research," he says.

In the film, a Palestinian widow Salma stands up against her new neighbour the Israeli Defence Minister when he moves into his new house opposite her lemon grove on the green line border between Israel and the West Bank. The Israeli security forces declare that Salma's trees pose a threat to the minister's safety and issue orders to uproot them. The trees were planted by Salma's family many generations ago and now were synonymous with her family history.

Salma engages in a legal battle and goes all the way to the Israeli Supreme Court to save her trees.

On the other hand, an invisible bond connects the minister's wife and Salma.

"The film is about solitude of people who find themselves fighting over matters that could have been resolved quite easily if they would just listen to each other," says Riklis.

His "Syrian Bride", a story of a woman who crosses over to Israel to get married, won several international awards.

"As a responsible filmmaker, I need to tell the truth. Problems are almost the same across the world," he says, adding he wants "people to laugh, cry and think over my films".

--- PTI

'Kismat Konnection' rakes in Rs.270 mn in three days

Mumbai, July 22: The Shahid Kapur-Vidya Balan starrer "Kismat Konnection" seems to have connected with the audience as it had a encouraging opening collection all over.

The film budgeted at nearly Rs.200 million collected Rs.270 million worldwide till Sunday. The movie collected a revenue of Rs.207.6 million at the domestic box-office, averaging Rs.375,000 per print.

The movie was released across 720 screens in India.

The revenue collection from the overseas market is also encouraging. The movie has particularly done well in the Middle East, where it raked in Rs.11.2 million in the first three days of its release. In Pakistan, where "Kismat Konnection" was simultaneously released, had a weekend collection of Rs.960,000.

It also had a fair opening collection in the US, Britain and Australia.

While in the US, the collection till Saturday night stood at Rs.9.1 million in the UK and Australia, the movie had a collection of Rs.9.5 million and Rs.1.8 million respectively.

Aziz Mirza-directed "Kismat Konnection" was released worldwide by UTV Motion Pictures with 930 prints.

--- IANS

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Preity bonds with Jinnah’s daughter

Preity bonds with Jinnah’s daughter

Jinnah’s daughter Dina Wadia has been in Mumbai for a while now. Among the lucky few people who can get to meet her is actress Preity Zinta, Dina Wadia being her beau Ness Wadia's grandmother.

Preity says that every time she Dina Wadia, she comes away floored. Says Preity, “The first time I met Dina Wadia I stared at her open-mouthed. My goodness! She carries so much history within her.

Since then we’ve met over dinner and other social occasions several times. Each time I’m struck by her gentle demeanour , her classic elegance, and yes, her fragility.”

While speaking about one of her favourite women, Preity’s voice lights up. She continues, “She's so beautiful, so fragile. I was also struck by her unmistakable facial resemblance to her distinguished father (Jinnah).

They look like father and daughter all right! I've never seen two people who resemble one another so closely.”

Preity says she has met Dina Wadia both in Mumbai and abroad. “She lives in New York. But she visits Mumbai where she has close family. She carries an aura of unmistakable strength.

Every time I meet her there’s so much to imbibe from her. You know there're some people in this world who just carry an aura about them. She’s one of them.”

Dina Wadia in a file picture
The last time when they met Dina Wadia wanted to know about Preity’s IPL matches. “She has so much to tell. And I just want to sit and keep on listening to her.

She takes a lot of interest in my life. The last time we met she wanted to know all about the IPL matches.

I was surprised, why would someone of her stature want to know what I'm doing? She’s so important to our times as a woman and a figure in history and yet conveys so much joie de vivre in her attitude.”

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nana Patekar, uncensored!

After the success of last year's comedy, Welcome, Nana Patekar will be seen in another comedy, Horn Ok Please.

Welcome, which also starred Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal, was a runaway hit. The film also featured Mallika Sherawat shaking it up with Nana and Anil in the song, Kiya Kiya.

Now, Nana's latest comedy is being directed by Rakesh Sarang and stars Rimi Sen in a double role, and model-turned actor Muzamil Ibrahim.

Aamir, SRK, power on

The only one-word definition for an actor like Aamir Khan is ‘genius’. And yet, there’s something even a star like him is deficient in. Not just Aamir, but a host of the country’s finest actors are lacking in what can be called ‘complacency’. Over the years, a sense of having achieved it all has never entered their minds. Actors on the wrong side of 40 are keen to keep it coming, and have now placed themselves behind the camera to whip up fresher, more entertaining cinema.

Amitabh Bachchan’s home production ABCL may have been a washout, but the Big B only emerged more powerful after that little fiasco. This probably inspired Shah Rukh Khan to come up with his own production house, Dreamz Unlimited, with Juhi Chawla. His three films under that banner did fair business, but the Badshah had more ambitious plans up his sleeve. This time he expanded his budget with Red Chillies Entertainment, and the fact that it was in collaboration with his wife Gauri truly made it a ‘home’ production. With last year’s Om Shanti Om, it was re-established that brand SRK sells like nothing else.

Aamir Khan finally decided to end his age-old scuffle with directors and producers, and took the driver’s seat. The result was a breath of fresh air, Lagaan, followed by Taare Zameen Par. Actors Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt have yet to prove a point with their respective banners, but Akshay Kumar and Sushmita Sen are set to make it more interesting with their own. The way things are going, Bollywood may have a nerve-wracking IPL of its own. An Indian Producers’ League, that is.

Akshay will trash a Yash Raj poster

Akshay will trash a Yash Raj poster

Akshay Kumar will express his displeasure at recent flop Tashan by trashing its poster.

Part of his finale piece at this year’s IIFA ceremony will witness the action hero make an entry diving feet forward into a huge Tashan poster used to promote the film by Yash Raj Films.

As a source says, “Apparently, this is Akshay’s way of showing what he thinks of Tashan!”

Monday, May 19, 2008

Love Story 2008

Ashutosh Gowarikar has approached Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja for his next film, which is based on an English play

Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja’s on-screen pairing has caught the attention of a lot of people, including director Ashutosh Gowarikar. We hear that the real-life couple is in advanced talks with the director for his next film, which is supposedly based on an English play.

While Priyanka and Harman look great together, we will have to wait to see if it translates to an equally good chemistry in Love Story 2050 as well.

If sources are to be believed, both Priyanka and Harman liked their roles in Gowarikar’s new film. A well-placed source from the industry said, “As things stand now, there is no reason for the cast to be changed.”

We sent Gowarikar a text message, but he refused to comment.

However, a close friend of Harman confirmed the story and said, “Yes, Priyanka and Harman are in talks with Ashutosh for his film."

The buzz is that Gowarikar has bought the rights of the English play.

Priyanka and Harman’s Love Story 2050 is all set to hit the theatres on July 4. It is a futuristic love story and Harry Baweja has gone all the way to make his son Harman’s debut vehicle look as slick as possible with impressive SFX. Recently, Priyanka was shooting in Miami for Karan Johar's Dostana (directed by newcomer Tarun Mansukhani) but she made it a point to fly down to Mumbai for the music release of Love Story 2050. Maybe the two should finally stop insisting that they are ‘just good friends’.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Second coming for Madhu!

Two years can be a long time in showbiz and even more so if you happen to be an actress in Tollywood.

Coming back after a hiatus of over two years MADHU SHARMA will be hoping her second stint in Tollywood will prove to be more memorable than her first one. Making her debut with Slokam, the actress starred in quite a few offbeat films like Party, Goutham SSC, Pandu and Pournami. The films bombed at the BO and she had to move out as there weren't many offers coming her way. Now she is back acting in another unsusal film titled Wallposter, to be directed by Vijay, a debutant. Dunno about the film but the girl sure is looking
good enough to make a great ‘wall poster’.